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Meet the Bangura Bird tailors

Tailor master, Alfred Bangura

The Bangura Bird tailor shop is managed by Alfred “Big Boss” Bangura, who has a lifelong attachment to the local area - even before the civil war, he was managing a tailor shop at the exact same location. It is most important for Alfred Bangura to make sure that the tailor shop is run with pride and willpower which is why the BanguraBird are named after him.

Meet our tailors...

Apart from “Big Boss” the shop has, at this point, four long-term employees: Osman, Mustapha and Martha. They are all educated tailors and live in the nearby Masanga Village.


Have been in the tailor since 2008. She is 20 years and the mother of one girl.

Mustapha Thullah

He is 25 years and has a wife and two girls.


Osman Kamara

Have been in the tailor shop since 2008. He is 26 years and has a wife and three children.