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About BanguraBird


At Bangura Bird we deliver handmade limited edition products to customers all over the world. Led by Alfred 'Big Boss' Bangura our awesome tailor crew turns colourful African fabrics from the local markets into a variety of products on their pedal-powered Singer sewing machines from the sixties.

The use of the Singers is partly proof of Singer sewing machines solid nature and partly due to the fact that electricity is a luxury only available when the generator is twice a week started to power surgeries at the nearby hospital.

The result is crafted products with lots of colour and personality, ready to bring more colour and happiness to any look no matter whether it is for a formal occasion, a festival or your everyday outfit.

pedal power

    Why Bangura Bird?

    The name Bangura Bird is a combination of two elements.

    “Bangura” is the family name of our tailor boss Alfred 'Big Boss' Bangura. A skilled tailor and teacher and a very warm and cheerful man to be around. He was instrumental to making this project a reality and is  still a big part of the culture at the tailor shop. Bangura is part of our name as a tribute to Alfred.

    The "Bird" is not just any bird, but builds on the tradition of the sankofa symbol. Sankofa symbolizes the need to learn from the past in creating something new. A good reminder in life, no matter whether you make a tailor shop in Sierra Leone or you just want to have a good relation to people around you.

    These two elements combined define the Bangura Bird. A wise African bird with lots of colour and personality.

    Fair Trade is our vision...

    Bangura Bird is based upon an equal business relationship with the tailors creating our products, meaning that the tailor shop sets the price and we buy the bags.

    Basically we act like every other import company, apart from our vision of making the locals in Masanga independent and support Africans in creating a better future.

    In 2011 Bangura Bird was approved as a Danish Fair Trade company, living up to its high standards for transparency, salaries, education and general working conditions.

    Our misson and the goal is two take part of the establishment of a local sustainable business. We do not see ourselves as charity makers, but business entrepreneurs with a social impact.

    fair trade